Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Too much time on the Internet

Apparently I spend too much time on the net...

I recently did a personality "test" that is suppose to tell you what is your file extension. According to it I am a .pdf:

You are .pdf  No matter where you go you look the same.  You are an acrobat.  Nothing is more important to you than the printed word.
Which File Extension are You?

To some degree this result is accurate. I do value the printed word...

Also have you ever wondered what it is like to jump into a 7,964 mile deep hole? watch the following video for a short introduction to this idea:

This is a clear "don't do this at home" video.

I also had a very interesting conversation with Beans on his post Mathematical Beauty and Tea. It ended with talks about doing a math horror cartoon for his presentation at school.

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