Monday, June 2, 2008

A summer place

Our world is a unique place... even if there are millions of other planets with intelligent lifeforms on them, the planet we live on is still unique - because any other place will be different. We have a lot of conflicts and difficulties but there is also rest and beauty of nature. The video below was made by my friend CRISSANCA67. For me the important part in it is the images - I never liked music and I don't listen to it. The images however manage to tell an interesting story - they manage to capture a lot of unique moments.

In other news I clearly managed to find myself a lot of problems. I decided to study History of Mathematics this semester, hoping that it will be an easy and simple course. Unfortunately, it turned out that I am supposed to do a lot of extra reading for the course. I have to read the whole History of Mathematics by Boyer. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it is a 700 pages book and I have to read it in the library. The book is well written, and it is interesting to read - if you happen to take a course in this subject it is a good choice. It begins with what is known about mathematics in ancient Egypt, then jumps to Mesopotamia and Greece. I thought about buying it, but it would mean ordering it from Amazon or eBay, which even with its relatively cheap price I don't want to do. I managed to get a copy of History of Mathematics by David M. Burton, but since the exam will be based on Boyer there is not much reason to read Burton. Hopefully I will manage to read Boyer enough each week. I read it for only about an hour last week because I had to go to a restaurant with some friends of mine, whom I didn't see for a long time... It seems that I will have more time this week. I should probably try to read half of it by the end of next week.

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