Friday, April 18, 2008

FAQ and how to contact me

This post is a work in progress. Probably I will be able to expand it as times goes on..

Q: Who are you?
A: I don't like to share information about myself. If you have a reason to know something (curiosity is not considered a reason) it will be told personally and not discussed on this blog. What I want the world to know about me is written in the "About me" page section to the right.

Q: Why you started this blog?
A: To be honest, I hoped to get income from it. Very soon I understood that it is not very real. As of now I write this blog for myself. It turned out that I like writing posts...

Q: Do you have any connection to Why you have the same name?
A: I have no connection to it. You can read more about this here.

Q: Why there are birds in Math Pages blog header image?
A: When I draw this image, I wanted to add something to its right side in order for it to look more filled. I am using Gimp for photo editing, and it turned out that one of the built in figures it can draw is a bird. I have nothing against birds, so I added their shapes to the header. Overall I am pleased with the result.

Q: Why you write "math"? You should write "maths".
A: No. There are two ways of writing it. If you are from UK you probably write "maths" but in the USA it is written "math". Also - see the Wikipedia article.

Q: I have proved the Riemann Hypothesis / developed a GUT theory, but nobody takes me seriously. Can you help?
A: Short answer - no. Long answer - firstly go here and then here. If after reading these two pages you are still confident in your ideas use my e-mail (below) to contact me.

Q: I have a blog/site, and I want you to add it to your blogroll (or to mention in a post).
A: I add only math blogs (I have a few non math blogs there, but if you are not a math blogger it is unlikely that I will include your blog there). Also, I want to be sure that the blogs I have in my blogroll add something to my readers, so I firstly subscribe to them myself and then if I like the content I add it. So the best way to get in there is to simply notify me about your blog, if I will like it I will add it myself. I am not going to add your blog because you added mine to your blogroll.
A site I cannot add to a blogroll, but if it is interesting or useful I will write a post about it.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: The best way is to use e-mail. My e-mail address is: