Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Adding style to Firefox

One of the greatest advantages of Firefox is that it can be customized very easily. There are already a lot of extensions for it, and also a lot of scripts to further modify the browsing experience. I already wrote about this in the post Modifying the net. In this post I want to highlight another useful extensions (found it last week..) Stylish. This extension is a script manager, just like Greasemonkey.

Just as with Greasemonkey, there is a large collection of scripts available to download from UserStyles. I am now using three scripts. The first one is for Gmail, it is called Gmail Redesigned. (Update: This script is no longer available for stylish, read this post to get it: Google Redesigned). I always liked the default view of Gmail, but this little script managed to improve it significantly. Before and after pictures:

The other two scripts are so called global scripts. One of them is for centering the images on the screen - it works only when you open an image in Firefox. It is hard to say if it is actually useful or not, but somehow it looks more natural when the image is in the center of the screen. You can download it here.
The last script modifies the default blank page. This is how black pages look after installing this script:

I tried to find a nice script for GReader, but failed. Some of them looked very nice but they all totally broke the page - probably this is because I am on the latest Firefox beta now.

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