Friday, April 18, 2008

Free ClipArt

I never liked ClipArt too much - its quality is usually too low for any serious use. However when I saw this post, I knew that I will almost surely find something for me to use in this 800 mb collection. Besides, all the images are public domain which means it is possible to modify them and to use for any purpose.
The post was changed since I first read it - it now says that it is possible to download the collection using apt-get.

Just a small example of what is inside...

When I first saw it, it provided a direct link to the archive. If I understood correctly, not all ClipArts that are in the archive are available via apt-get. To get the archive do the following:

For Linux:
Open terminal and type (one line at a time):
mkdir ClipArt
cd ClipArt

For Windows:
Download the archive.

It is a large download - 156 mb. After unpacking it will take about 800 mb. I downloaded the entire collection today, and deleted all the pictures I didn't like - what remained was 15 mb in size - 5 mb after putting it into a zip archive. You can download it here.
Please note that all the ClipArts are in svg format. If your computer cannot open this file type, and you don't know a program that will open it, you can download a smaller archive with png images here.

Azereus frog

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ajay said...

Er zijn veel animatiefilms over de jaren en dit is niet Te verwarren met de Meer gebruikte stop animatie. animatie is een vorm van de stop-motion animatie, maar het is ontworpen Om Te fuseren aan bij de live cliparts action beelden Om een illusie van een echte wereld volgorde te maken. Dus wat zijn de beste die ooit gemaakt