Monday, June 23, 2008


I was recently contacted by Kevin Brown, the owner of probably noticed that my blog is named Math Pages Blog. However, I have no connection to

When I chose the name "Math Pages" I didn't know that it was already taken - otherwise I would have chosen another name. Unfortunately, the name of the blog (or site) is the first thing you need to chose when you start your blog, and it is very problematic to change later because it is usually connected with the URL (and it is connected in my case). Also, I suspects that even if I will change the name, it will have little influence unless the URL is also changed. And changing the URL basically means to start a new blog. I am blogging only for a few months, but starting a fresh is not a happy thought.

Because of this, I am now adding a disclaimer to the "About me" section in the sidebar.

There is no real reason to think that my blog will in any way influence the traffic is getting, and by putting this disclaimer I will hopefully prevent any confusion about this blog connection to

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