Sunday, June 8, 2008

Plans, solutions and Firefox 4

Today I spent almost all the day building a little project of mine. For a long time the wires behind my computer were in a total mess, so I decided to change it. It is very hard to do anything with such mess - I cannot cut the wires (obviously) and I cannot put them inside the wall (although that seems like an interesting idea to try). So I built a nice little wooden box with 8 plugs inside. I connected my computer and all the other equipment I had there to the plugs in the box. The box itself is connected to a power plug in the wall. It also has a button that allows to turn the power off without manually unplugging it. I even put a small CPU fan I had lying around in one of the sides of the box to make sure the inside will remain cool.
While I didn't remove the mess completely in this way, it looks much better now. I don't have any photos - but trust me it is a huge improvement.

So this was a plan and it by completing it I solved a problem. But this was not the solution I thought about when I wrote the post title. After I made sure that I didn't short circuit anything while building the box, I decide to check what Firefox version I have installed. As I suspected I was already automatically updated to FF3 RC2 (I have no idea when this happened) . However, while looking on nearby packages in synaptic I suddenly noticed something called Firefox 4. Since I am a curious being, I installed it. It turned out that this is an alpha version of Firefox 4 - Minefield. It imported all of my extensions and declared all of them to be not compatible except for MR Tech local install. This is probably because when I installed it I edited the .xpi file so that it will claim to be compatible with FF4. I used this extension to disable compatibility checks and all of my extension worked just fine. I usually don't use alpha versions, but to my surprise a bug that annoyed me greatly in FF3 RC1 and RC2 has dissapeared in FF4 - I can download photos without FF crashing when the download finishes. It was probably a conflict between two extensions, but still I am very happy that I can use all of my extension and to be able to download photos without restarting FF all the time.

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