Thursday, June 26, 2008

Problems with my ISP

I am heaving some weird problems with my ISP today. Yesterday everything was fine, but when I tried to connect to the internet today at the morning, it just didn't connect. I tried to ping and got the message "unknown host".

Since I am writ8ing this post, I finally manged to connect. Unfortunately, this involved changing the DNS name servers. It appears that my ISP either changed his DNS servers, or they are broken for today (I cannot even ping them). I had to use the name servers of another Israeli ISP to connect to the internet. For now it works. I will try to use OpenDNS latter today or tomorrow. Hopefully everything will work fine.

I doubt that I will be without access to the internet, during the weekend, but if there will be no new posts in the next couple of days, this is the reason why. Also, I managed to injure my hands by typing too much, and writing a lot this week, so it now hurts to type :(.

Update: I am now using OpenDNS instead of my ISP DNS servers. I changed the script I use to connect to the internet so it will now automatically use these new servers instead of any Israeli ISP servers. For some reason I started to have problems with gnome-settings-daemon. If I connect to the internet and then logout, it fails to start when I log back in. It casues the logon to be extra slow, and the themes are all wrong. I found a workround, but it the problem is still there. Probably I should do some serious fixing to my computer when I will have time.

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