Friday, May 2, 2008

Skribit - post topic suggestions

Skribit is exactly what it claims to be - a widget that allows blog readers to suggest topics they want to be written about. After reading a post at ProBlogger about this new widget, I decided to try it myself. This means that you can now use the Skribit widget in the right column to send me your suggestions about future post at Math Pages.

The widget comes with a default question (ie post topic suggestion):

Why are you using Skribit?

The answer to this is very simple. While it is advertised as a tool for finding topics to post about, I am not going to use it for this. I usually find myself with too much ideas. However, after blogging on Math Pages for a few months I feel that the topics that seem interesting to me are not of much interest to most of world population. This is not surprising - I never thought a blog about math and science can be popular outside of a close circle.
On the other hand, my three posts Upgrading to Hardy, Installing Kiba-dock in Hardy and Hardy Repositories list were an unexpected success. I wrote them just when people needed such posts.
After this I think it would be only natural to ask my readers and visitors to suggest topics they want to be written about on this blog. I hope that this new widget will help in this.

Also, I plan to write in it the titles/topics of the posts I plan to write in the next week or two. The widget allows visitors to vote on suggestions, so you are welcomed to express your opinion.

P.S. While you can suggests topics (and I really hope you will do that), I don't promise that I will write about the topic you suggested - but I will definitely consider your suggestions.

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