Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How to uninstall Kiba-dock in Hardy

If you followed the instructions in my post about Installing kiba-dock in Hardy, it should be installed and working but it is not possible to uninstall it using apt-get or synaptic.
The only way to uninstall programs that were installed by using the make install command is to manually delete all the files created.
In the case of kiba-dock there are a lot of files created, but gladly only in two places.

Firstly, the uninstall process depends on why you want to uninstall Kiba-dock. There are two main reasons - either you want to reinstall it or to remove it. If you want to remove it completely and never to use again than you should also remove its configuration files from your home directory. To do this type in terminal (skip this step if you want to reinstall Kiba lately):

sudo rm -r $HOME/.kiba-dock

The other files created by the make install command are located in /usr/local. Don't remove the directory itself - you just need to delete all those that have kiba or akamaru in their names. Since there are a lot of those, and it takes time to find them all, I created a simple script that should remove all of them for you - download it here. This script will also remove the directory kiba in your home folder.

To use this script you will need to download it, then right click on it and go to Properties ->Permissions ->Allow executing file as program. This is all - just open it and select Run or Run in Terminal (you will be asked to enter your password).

Lastly, if you want to remove kiba-dock completely, you should also remove it from your application list. Type:

sudo rm '/usr/local/share/applications/Kiba-Dock.desktop'
sudo rm '/usr/local/share/applications/Kiba-Settings.desktop'

After this you system should be completely free from Kiba-dock.


Anonymous said...

Half of the commands came back as "rm: cannot remove `/usr/local/share/applications/Kiba-Settings.desktop': No such file or directory" and related

Anatoly said...

Firstly, it is perfectly possible that part of the commands will end with this message - it depends on what part of Kiba-dock you installed. This script doesn't check what you have installed, it simply removes all the files that are created in a full installation of Kiba-dock. If for example you didn't installed akamaru than the commands that remove it will naturally report that it doesn't exist.

Secondly, about the command you quoted. If you will look in the script you will see that it already removes this file. For some reason the script didn't remove it on my computer so I wrote to run this command again, in the terminal. If on your computer the script already removed this file than running this command in the terminal will return exactly this error.

Also - you say half of the commands didn't work. But you didn't say if kiba was removed or not. If it was removed, the script works.

Anonymous said...

Well, kiba-dock and kiba-settings are still in the menu. I followed your install script so I don't know if that's a "full" install or not.

Anatoly said...

Sometimes when an application is uninstalled in Ubuntu, it still appears in the menu, but its icon changes to a white-blue window. If this is the case, and if when you try to lunch kiba nothing happens, just use the menu editor to remove the entries from the menu. To do this go to;
System->Preferences->Main Menu
If not, than use a text editor to open the script and remove the files listed in it manually.