Friday, May 9, 2008

Victory over Nazi Germany

It is an important day today... 63 years ago Nazi Germany was defeated, and with this defeat the current state of word affairs was born. I am not going to write about politics on Math Pages, but I will note two facts about this date.
First of all, the victory over Nazi Germany is celebrated on the 9/5 in Russia and some other countries. In the west 8/5 is the official date of the war end. This is simply because different time zones. The end of war was announced at 8/5 11:30 PM at Germany - for Moscow that was 9/5 2:30 AM.
Secondly, this day is not celebrated or mentioned in Israel. It is a sad fact, but because of political issues with Russia this date is totally forgotten. People who were born in Israel don't know a thing about this date and don't celebrate it in anyway.

The following videos are here to remind us about what happened 63 years ago.

Soviet Victory Parade of 1945 [Part I]

Soviet Victory Parade of 1945 [Part II]

Russian Military Parade May 2007

Update: LatterDays wrote an excellent post about the reasons behind WW2 and how this part of world history relates to our present. You can read this post here.

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