Saturday, September 12, 2009

Math Pages is two years old today

I wonder if I should write that time went by slowly or should I instead say that it went by without me noticing? I suppose both will be correct. Anyway, I am rather happy to celebrate the second anniversary of Math Pages blog. I once read that most blogs only survive for about 6 month, after this period the person who made the blog leaves it for one reason or another. On the other hand, the blogs that manage to survive after six month usually stay around for a long time. Well, I certainly intend to continue posting, at least untill I am no longer a student.
Unfortunately, I must admit that my posting is really irregular. Originally I was aiming for one post per two days, but it didn't work out on the long term. Occasionally I do manage to post this many posts (and even more on some weeks) but there are periods when I don't post anything for more than a week. Right now the ratio of posts to days is one post per 4 days. As you can see that is far from what I want it to be... Well, since this is an anniversary post I suppose it would be logical to resolve to be more committed to posting, but I seriously doubt that that will really help.

It also worth to mention that while originally I intended for this blog to be about math with mentions of physics, that didn't work out. Instead I found out that I don't like to be restricted or even directed in my writing. I prefer to simply wright about what seems to be interesting to me at this particular moment. This is probably one of the main reasons why I couldn't put to use the skribit suggestion widget... But anyway, this blog ended up being mainly about math but I also occasionally write about computers (most linux). In the beginning I wrote a bit about physics, but with time it seems that my interests shifted away from it.

This post is probably a good opportunity to announce a little project that I am trying to start. Over the years I managed to collect a small library of math books in pdf format. Right now it is rather small, but it is easy enough to expand. There are after all lots of free math books available (legally) on the net. What I want to do is to create a post with links to all these books I collected and plan to collect (currently stored on my Google docs account). Having such an index will clearly make it easier for me to use my library, and will also make it easier for you to find those books if you need them. I already started to work on this idea, it will probably appear here in about two days (maybe more if I run in some kind of problem). Meanwhile if you have math (programing and physics will do as well) books in pdf format that you don't mind sharing with others, or you know about a site where such books can be found please contact me. While I am not going to promise to use what you sent, I will definitely consider it.

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