Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ubuntu Intrepid

I am installing the latest version of Ubuntu now. It is still a beta version, the stable release is due on the 30 of this month. Hopefully I will not break my system.... If everything will go fine, I will update this post with a short review of this beta release.

Update: Well, the installation itself went just fine. However I am unable to connect to the internet. To be precise, I a,m able to connect to my ISP and to ping sites, but I am unable to view any web pages. I am also unable to download files using wget or to install new packages. However amule works fine. From what I found on the net this is a rather common problem but there is still no solution.
Right now I am using a liveCD to connect to the internet. I will probably reinstall Ubuntu Hardy tomorrow (unless I will find a solution).

As promised - a short review of the new release. I noticed three main changes. The first one is tabbed browsing in Nautilus. It works well, but for some reason if you start a second session it is not opened automatically as a tab in the first one. It is possible that this behavior can be configured somewhere, but in my opinion it is a required addition.
The second change is that the shutdown button is now changed into a log-out button. I cannot say that a like or dislike this change, but it seems a good idea.
The third one is a change is the network manager. For me it was a disaster - I am no longer able to connect to the internet because of this. It also looks much more complicated than the previous one.
There is also new artwork is this release. In this area there is a clear improvement.

Update2: I did a clean install of Ubuntu Hardy today and everything is working fine again. This is the first time I was forced to reinstall Ubuntu...


Anonymous said...

Hi Anatoly, I now have the exact problem with yours. After upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid, I can ping but wget, ff, pidgin, skype cannot. I have tried some solutions but none of them worked. If you have any idea how to make the internet works, pls post.
Thanks a lot.

Anatoly said...

Hello stqueen,
Unfortunately I don't have a solution. I found a post on the net that suggested removing all the packages that come up on a search for "network manager" in synaptic, but it didn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anatoly, I've found the resolution. The problem is in the kernel 2.6.27. I downgraded kernel to version 2.6.25 and the internet is now working fine.
'til now that problem isn't fixed yet in kernel 2.6.27 of intrepid.

Anatoly said...

Hello stqueen,
Thank you for the information, good to hear you found a solution.