Friday, July 18, 2008

Bringing out-of-print math books into print

There is a new interesting project on the internet (we have a lot of this, but this one is different). Some mathematicians decided that it is time to do something with the fact that a lot of good math books are now out of print. While it is possible to ask to make a new edition of an old book, those who tried to do so found that they need firstly to convince others that there is a significant number people who want this. Unfortunately, it turned out to be rather difficult.

To solve this, the project "outofprintmath" was created. The idea is to let people suggest what book they think should get back into print, and it also allows to vote on the books suggested. The idea is that this site would show publishers that there is indeed a market for those books. It is a very new project, but there already 53 books suggested, and one of them has 55 votes.
If you have a book you want to see back in print, it is definitely a place to visit.

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