Friday, February 29, 2008

Procrastination and internet

Sometimes the internet consumes an illogical amount of time.. It is very important for everyone to know how to use it in such a way that it will not bring you problems. This applies especially to those who do research or have homework to do. While the internet has a positive impact on our world, it is a tool that turns out to be to problematic for us sometimes, even if we use it correctly. About incorrect uses I don't even want to talk. The spam I got this week is more than enough for me..

I hope that you will do the right choice in such situation..

Please do remember that if you will sit down in front of your computer instead of doing your work you may soon lose both your computer and your work...

As of now I have two blogs and a site to manage... It is a not damaging my life, but it does take a lot of time.. I used to read productivity sites, until I understood that on this mater there are no good advices, except, maybe the advices you give to yourself. So I am not going to write a "How to stop the internet from ruining your life" guide... Just Google it if you want advice, there is a lot of sites dedicated to this topic.

I love strange situation (when they don't happen to me) and surprising results. In my opinion the penetration of the internet into our society is a good example of a very interesting phenomena. We usually don't think much about it. We just use the internet without thinking how life would look without it, and what changes it brings in our daily life.

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