Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Optical Illusions

One of the most complicated thing in existence is our mind, It is a tool designed to and capable to solve difficult problems. But it has its own limitations. One of them is in the way we see things. Very often what we see is only our mind interpretation of what actually is.
Also the construction of our eyes allows to make surprising images. Lets look on the following examples:

Perhaps it seems to look like an ordinary house, but it is clearly impossible to build such a structure.

This is a real photo. It is not possible to construct this structure, but it is possible to construct a box that when viewed in the right way looks like this. .

This one is another example of games with perspective.

And so is this one.

In the picture above all the lines are parallel. Surprised? This is an example of how our mind sees things... It is very easy to see something wrongly.

These illusions are all excellent examples of a failure of our senses. We are all guided at least partially by intuition and by what we see. and yet sometimes this is not enough... The very existence of such images is a proof that we must not go always by intuition but by knowledge. This is best seen in mathematics. In math you cannot make the smallest step if it is not based on logic and a logic that other people consider correct.

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