Thursday, November 13, 2008

Math wallpapers and some other images

When I checked Google webmaster tools today to see on what searches my blog showed up lately, I was surprised to see that it some people got here while searching for "math wallpapers" and "photo of Protagoras". I don't remember posting anything like this (I did post a link to a collection of Firefox wallpapers, but it wasn't related to math...), so I decided to post a collection of links to some math wallpapers I found on the net. If you are enthusiastic about math, and don't know how to show it, you can start but putting one of those wallpapers on your desktop. :)

From Deviant art:
Fractal Pi - probably the best wallpaper I ever seen with Pi in it.
Integrating - for all those who love calculus..
Integration fun - somewhat less simplistic than the above.
Pi - A classic of its kind the letter pi on the background of the first "insert large number here" digits of pi.
Infinity - I feel like there is too much objects in this image, but your opinion might be different.
Einstein - Somewhat small, but looks good.
Lambda - Rather simplistic.
Life is math - The title is great, but it is hard to figure the connection to math by looking on the image. However, if you add a caption to it in photoshop it will surely look great...
Three number lost -for those who love weird graphs...

From other sources:
Mathematica -photos of some famous historical figures, on a background with different number systems.

Well, this is all I found. I would really like to add to this short list, but unfortunately I don't have time to hunt for photos now... :(. In the case the links above don't work, you can download the wallpapers from my picasa album - Math wallpapers.
Last but not least - a photo of the Statue of Pythagoras in Pythagorion:

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Bhat said...

Great wallpapers.I was looking something like this.Thanks.