Saturday, November 29, 2008

I wonder if I am pushing myself too hard...

Despite my best efforts I barely manage to finish all of my homework in time. Partially it is due to the fact that I was ill for a couple of days which caused me to slightly fall behind, but it seems that getting ahead is more hard that I thought. I also spent half a day yesterday fixing things in the new apartment. As it looks now I will finish all the exercises (of this week) on time, but this will require studying all day long (for the next three days). I don't mind doing so, but after a certain number of hours my head just stop working (and I get a headache). I also think that I am not getting enough sleep...

I was told once that the workload for math students raises with every year (unlike for biology students, who on fourth year can work on two part time jobs). It certainly seems true.
I am also planning on tutoring a bit, it seems line I have an hour or two once a week that can be used for such a purpose. It probably would be better to study during this time, but I am rather sure that I wouldn't manage to do this anyway - my homework requires much more energy to do that I have at that time of week, tutoring somebody will surely be simpler so I hope to manage.

As of now, my main concern is to manage to get ahead in doing homework, so that I will be able to read my notes and to look the material ahead. I really hope to mange to d0 it this week (I hoped the same the last week,so wish me luck.. ).

Now to brighten the mood a bit - a little math fun fact ( the link goes to wikipedia, and the explanation there is not very good, it is too difficult to read. I will try to find something better or to write it myself).

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