Monday, August 4, 2008

The semester has finally ended

It was a long year... While officially there were only two semesters, we actually did three because the professors where on strike during the first one. I still have exams to do, but the last lecture was today.
Well, it was a fun year. I hope the next one will be even better.
I am sorry for not posting for a few days, I was extremely tired and busy. Hopefully I will be able to continue posting as usual during the exam season. I am sure that while I would be revising I would get a lot of ideas for things to write about on Math pages.

Also, it is a sad day to the math blogger community today. Craig Laughton, the author of Gooseania, wrote his last post today. He finished his math Phd, but decieded that he doesn't want to be a mathematician. His blog was created to document the process of doing a Phd, and it contains a lot of information. It is clearly visible how his enthusiasm for math slowly gets way to depression. He decided not to continue posting on the blog in the future. Hope he will find his place in this world....


Daniel Lopez said...

Do you happen to known Craig's email address? I'm trying to reach him but can't find his address and you can only join his blog with an invitation.

Anatoly said...

Sorry, I have no idea about his address.