Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Department Quilt

Today I decided to do something I do very rarely - to look on the recommended feeds in Google Reader. I usually don't look on them, because I have almost 100 subscriptions already, and I don't want to add any extra feeds. However, today I decided to look on those feeds. In one of the feeds I suddenly saw a very familiar image:

These two images are the front and back sides of a quilt that can be found on the second floor of the mathematics department of Hebrew University Jerusalem. At first I thought that the blog author whose rss feed I was reading visited HUJI, and took those photos, but then I noticed that the post is called Our Department’s Quilt.

This is how because of a Quilt a found the blog of Gil Kalai - Combinatorics and more. He is a professor of mathematics in Huji. His main areas of interest are Combinatorics and convexity, so if you are interested in anyone of them, it is probably a good idea to visit his blog.

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