Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New semester old semester

As I already wrote there was a long strike in all of the Universities in Israel. This was the longest such strike ever - 89 days. It ended this week. Also this week is the last week of the first semester..
I suppose Israel is the only place where after such strike the semester is not canceled and no compensation is payed to the students. Moreover, we still have to do our exams, on the courses that were taught despite the strike, while studying other courses. The semesters will be shortened also, so we will have to learn in 11 weeks what is normally taught 14 weeks. It was also announced today that due to financial problems there will be no TA classes for one of the courses next week.
For me this is good actually. It looks like I will be able to add a course to this semester, and overall I don't have too much to study. So I am not complaining.
There is no timetable for now but I will probably will have less than 20 hours per week.

For the blog this is bad news unfortunately - I will have much less time to work on it especially during the 2-3 next weeks. I hope that I will manage to use all the time I have wisely.

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