Saturday, January 12, 2008

Google page rank

Waked up today, went to my comp and then suddenly - my stumble upon blog has a page rank of 3. It was on 1 for a long time.. Good news. Then I went and checked this blog and got "no page rank information available"?!? It was one since the beginning... The some is with my math pages site.
I submitted it to Google a long time ago. I don't have a site map but still, I am not sure I understand why this happened. All my pages are indexed.

Probably it is because there are no links to this blog. At least not links that Google knows about. I guess it will take some time, but I will get a page rank.
Google updates its page rank ones in three moths, so it will take some time...

Also for some reason I have problems with Technorati. I claimed both my blogs there some time ago but then suddenly they stop showing my updates. Even if I pinged them manually it didn't help. It become even weirder. Two days ago I logged in and suddenly it showed that instead of my stumble upon blog I own some weird blog I never heard of - and it is in Chinese(???). I even don't speak Chinese. I deleted it and tried to claim my blog again. The site reported me that they have technical difficulties so claiming is disabled.
Today I tried to claim my blog again - and got this:

It just all had to happen in the some time, didn't it?

Even when I tried to add a photo to my stumble upon blog yesterday, for some reason the automatic photo blog didn't work for it. I thought- well I will I just upload it to picasa, and then hotlink it from there. Didn't work either. The picture refused to show up. Also the picasa web site was very slow yesterday. I wonder if they had network problems or perhaps traffic overload? Eventually I uploaded the photo to photobucket.

Also the post count for my blog on the blogger dashboard is wrong. It shows one less then it should.. It started 2 maybe 3 days ago. I hope it is not the internet trying to say me that it hates me..

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