Saturday, September 15, 2007


There are already plenty of links on Math Pages so in order to give to new links some spotlight it is time to do a short overview of recent addition.
Recent additions to computer section:
1. LiveCD - if you want to make custom live CD for your self or for other people this is the place to go. They will build you a live CD while letting you choose what it will include. It is based on Debian.
2. Linux network reference guide - it is pretty self explanatory. If you are running linux and want to learn how to use the terminal, it worth a look at.
If you don't know what linux/LiveCD is go here.

Recent additions to Student staff:
1. SpeQMathematics - a simple yet powerful and advanced program. For windows.
2. Equation Sheet - create personal equation sheets.

Recent additions to math section:
The shortest shortcut - how to multiply large numbers in your head.

Recent addition to physics section:
13 things that don't make sense - strange but true facts. There are no logical explanation for them to this day.

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