Saturday, December 15, 2007

Readability level

I recently did a check of this blog readability level on website grader. The site checks different specs including readability, google rank and so on. Strangely I got a Phd level. Since I tried to write it as simple as I could I was very surprised and amused by this result.

Anyway, I recently stumbled upon a site about octomatic number system. It is a system of base 8.
As of itself it is not very interesting - as I already wrote in a previous post, Evolution of numbers, all number systems that can be used for geometry are isomorphic to each other. However on this site they also offer to use different signs for the numbers:

What is interesting is the second row from below. The signs here are directly connected to binary. You can see it for your self if we will line to be 1 and empty space zero we will get:
000 001 010 011 100 101 110 111
And from the image you can tell immediately that 111=7. The same rule works for large numbers: 100111001 is for example 4*8*8+7*8+1=313.

The bottom row is a handwritten form. Personally I doubt that it is a good form, but it is their choice...


Mike said...

Thanks for using Website Grader and the link!

Using words like "octomatic", "isomorphic", "binary" and "induction" will push your content toward a PhD rating pretty fast. Your sentence style and structure is fairly simple and easy to follow which is great. Your content/vocabulary is just somewhat advanced (as it should be for your blog topic).

Nice work!

Anatoly said...

To Mike
Thank you for creating Website Grader, and for your comment about my sentence style and structure. I am not a native English speaker so such feedback is important for me.